Teen Placement Details & FAQ

What is the goal of FamilyFirstAid.org?

Our goal is to provide parents who are dealing with teens (12 years old and over) struggling in their home environment with information on different options and walk them through the admissions process.

Why do parents send their teens to specialty boarding schools or residential treatment centers?

A parent’s main goal is to have their child become a healthy successful adult. When teens start showing signs of out of control behavior, being disrespectful, being defiant, parents know that unless they make a drastic change, their teen will be lucky to graduate high school let alone be a healthy successful adult. Parents who love and care enough about their teen will do what is necessary to ensure that their child has the tools they need.

What options do you provide parents?

We work with several different specialty boarding schools and residential treatment centers across the United States. The goal of the schools and centers is to educate teens while teaching them how to make appropriate choices, build character, and be respectful.

Where are the schools or centers located?

We work with specialty boarding schools and treatment centers in many locations – please submit an information request to get an updated list of locations.

How much is tuition for the schools or centers?

Tuition for the schools and centers range from about $2,490 to $4,490 per month.

What can parents do if they cannot afford the tuition?

There are a couple of different options for parents. One of the options is educational loans. There are companies that will provide loans to cover the costs of tuition that can lower the monthly payments to around $400 a month. Other options are using home equity or asking for donations from church groups or employers.