Boarding Schools

Boarding Schools For Troubled Youth

What are Boarding Schools?

Many people have asked us, what are boarding schools? In this article we will discuss specifically what boarding schools for troubled youth are. There are several different types of boarding schools, but almost all boarding schools have the students reside on campus and provide academics to those individuals. Keep reading to learn more about boarding school options for troubled youth, military boarding schools, all-girls or all-boys boarding schools, and more.

What are the different types of Boarding […] Continue Reading…

Physical Problems

Teen Drug Abuse

Teen drug abuse has been declining in the United States for the last decade, but several drugs remain a dangerous problem for many teens. Parents and other adults should know the signs of teen drug abuse so they can get help for teens who have a problem with drug use and abuse.

By the time they reach their teens, many young people already know someone who uses drugs. Some kids feel pressure to use drugs like alcohol, tobacco, and marijuana […] Continue Reading…

Programs For Troubled Teens

Finding The Right Treatment Program

Finding the right treatment program is critical to the success of your teen’s recovery. For severe cases of defiance, drug use, or behavior disorders we recommend gathering resources and meeting with your local therapist. Gather as much information as possible using the web, friends, family, or church groups. We’ve never heard that any one was too prepared. Read on to learn more about what questions to ask and information to research to find the best treatment program for your […] Continue Reading…

Boot Camps

The Juvenile Boot Camp Debate

The use of the term “teen boot camp” is still being debated. The media tend to focus on the “in your face” element of teen boot camps — the element that professionals who work with teens like the least.

Dr. MacKenzie, who has been studying adult boot camps since 1987, holds that defining the term “boot camp” has been a major issue and remains one. Her 1991 survey of adult boot camps (MacKenzie and Souryal, 1991) found some common boot […] Continue Reading…

Residential Treatment Centers

Youth Program Life

Academics at the featured youth programs:
All students can earn high school credit while at these youth programs. Most of these youth programs are accredited by the Northwest Association of Schools and Colleges. Students are evaluated upon entrance to the youth program and then placed in an ambitious course of study. In order for the student to earn credit for a class and move to the next course at the youth program, each class must be passed at a level […] Continue Reading…

Parenting Articles

Parent Contracts

Set Rules in Your House with Parent Teen/Child Contracts

Have you ever heard your kid say, “How come I’m grounded? I didn’t know I couldn’t…”? Have you grounded your kid to hear them say “Two Weeks?!?! You never said I would be grounded for TWO WEEKS!” Wouldn’t it be nice to just have it all in writing? But who wants to spend all that time trying to figure out what you should write, what is acceptable, what should the consequences […] Continue Reading…

Parenting Articles

Positive Parenting

Positive parenting is a parenting strategy that focuses on encouraging and building good behaviors by being involved in children’s and teens’ lives. Though positive parenting can’t solve every problem with a troubled teen, it may be able to offset some of the negative factors in a teen’s life and help parents intervene when their teen has a problem.

Positive parenting is about being involved in teen’s lives and encouraging their positive traits while giving them room to grow and helping […] Continue Reading…