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Teen Summer Camps

Looking for a teen summer camp? Not all summer camps are created equal. This article will help you decide which summer camp may be the most appropriate camp for your teen. Also, find out how much teen summer camps cost.

What are Teen Summer Camps?

Teen Summer Camps are typically very short term programs where teens go to do fun arts and crafts, sing campfire songs, and  sleep in tents or cabins in the wilderness. There are three major categories of camps. Day Camps – where a teen would go for the day do arts and craft or sports and go home at the end of the day. Residential Camps – where a teen boards at the camp and usually sleeps in tents or cabins. Travel programs – where a teen will travel to different locations.

Not all teen summer camps are “camping” or in the wilderness, however. There are many other types of camps that teens are involved in during the summer. Some are sports related like a football, cheerleading, basketball, or volleyball, among others. But there are also academic camps for those with a particular interest in a specific area like: science, robotics, leadership, art, math, business, or other academic areas. There are other types of special interest camps like community service groups, military kids groups, weight loss camps, or adventure camps. And even travel groups that spend a few days, sometimes a week or move, traveling to specific historical or special interest sites. As you can see, the possibilities are endless for teen summer camps.

Which teens are appropriate for Summer Camps?

Teen summer camps are appropriate for teens (boy or girl) who want to spend a week or two doing fun arts and crafts, learn new sports such as how to ride a horse, or spend time with others their age learning more about a particular topic that interests them. The teen will need to be mature enough to listen to, follow directions of, and show respect for those in charge for the camp. The teen needs to be mature and respectful to other people and their property and must be okay with spending time away from their regular environment and people they are used to associating with. Even though some camps may include siblings or friends, they will likely have times that they are not all together. Most teen summer camp programs will have specific criteria that each individual must meet to be considered for the program.

Which teens are NOT appropriate for Teen Summer Camps?

Teen summer camps and summer programs typically last only a week or two. Although they may remove a teen who is struggling with emotional and behavioral problems from his or her environment, a week or two is not long enough to make lasting changes that will continue once the teen returns to his regular environment. Teen summer camps are not for troubled teens or teens looking for recovery from an addiction, unless that is specifically what the camp is for, but those are generally more of a treatment center than a camp. Teen summer camps typically do not offer any therapy or treatment for teens who are struggling with drug and/or alcohol abuse. Teens who “act out” or misbehave are typically sent home immediately. Teens that will not follow rules and continually defy authority will not do well at a teen summer camp.

Why are Teen Summer Camps not appropriate for Behavior Modification?

Teen Summer Camps for boys and girls do not last long enough to make any long lasting changes in a teen who is struggling with emotional and behavioral problems. Summer camps usually will not tolerate any teen that is out of control, caught smoking, having inappropriate relations with other campers, or demonstrating inappropriate behavior. Teens involved in any such acitivities will be sent home immediately. A summer camp is a place for like minded individuals to get together and learn about a common topic of interest, interact with others of similar interests, and participate in activities related to the topic of the camp.

How much does a Teen Summer Camps cost?

Teen summer camps can range from being free to over $10,000. Check for local programs in our area and ask about scholarships or financial aid because a lot of them will get grants based on the number of individuals requesting and using financial aid.