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Driving Contracts

Is your teenager preparing to get his/her drivers license, or recently got their license? A teen driving contract may be just what you need. A driving contract is an agreement between a teen and a parent establishing rules, responsibilities, privileges and consequences. More details here.

What are Teen Driving Contracts?

These are agreements used by parents of teen drivers that clearly define rules and consequences. The rules can range from a curfew time, drug/alcohol use while driving, and/or driving behaviors/habits.

Why do Teen Drivers Need Contracts?

Teenagers sometimes make very poor choices without thinking about the consequences. In the case of making a poor choice while driving can result in bodily injury, property damage, and obviously – death. Teen Driving Contracts define these consequences and brings them to the front of the teen’s mind.

Benefits of a driving contract:
1. Better driving habits
2. Reduced risk of accident
3. Less argument when enforcing consequences

Creating a Driving Contract

There are many different methods for making driving contracts. It will take a few hours of well thought out ideas. You will need to make a list of the rules to be made and then a list of consequences if a rule is broken. Always be sure to make rules that you are willing to enforce. If you say you will take the keys away – be prepared to act. If you don’t enforce the agreement – the teen will be less likely to live up to it. After writing out the teen driving contract and discussing them with your teen you should both sign them. Make a copy for your teen so they can have to review later or you can even make a short list of the rules and post them in the car.

Buying a Teen Driving Contract

If you don’t have the time or ideas it takes to create a driving contract there are many services and products available on the internet for under $20. We recommend – they offer many behavior contracts with a teen driver contract bundled in the package. The contract may be used together or separately from the other agreements.

In our opinion, all teen drivers should be required to sign a driving contract. Rules and consequences must be discussed before the teenager ever starts to drive.