Private Schools

Private Schools

What are Private Schools?

Private Schools (Independent Schools) are schools that are not run by or funded by federal, state, or local governments. Most private schools are “day” school (see Boarding Schools for residential private schools). They are typically divided into to “types” of schools such as – religious or sectarian, military, performing arts, trade or vocational and more. Private schools are K-12 but some offer higher education classes.

Which teens are appropriate for Private Schools?

Teens who desire to study a particular field or faith that is not offered in a public school setting would be appropriate for a private school. Teens who work better in a smaller classroom with more one-on-one attention tend to work better in a private school setting.

Which teens are NOT appropriate for Private Schools?

Private schools do not tolerate disrespectful, out of control teens. Teens that have emotional and/or behavioral problems or a past of emotional and/or behavioral problems do not get accepted into most private schools or if the behavior becomes evident after a teen is enrolled, the teen is usually expelled.

Why are Private Schools not appropriate for Behavior Modification?

Private schools do not offer therapy or treatment for troubled teen behavior. A troubled teen exhibiting emotional and/or behavioral problems needs to receive treatment. Private schools are not equipped to handle teens who have addiction issues, emotional and/or behavioral problems, and disrespectful attitudes. And in some cases, private schools can help to promote the undesired behavior by being in a more influential setting.

How much does a Private School cost?

Private School tuition ranges from $20,000 to $40,000 for the 9 month school year. Some private schools offer scholarships or work programs that will reduce or completely pay the tuition.