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Category Archives: Programs For Troubled Teens

Help for parents searching for boarding schools, military schools, residential treatment facilities, private schools, or boot camps. Learn what to look for, what is available, and which is best for you.

Boarding Schools For Troubled Youth

There are many types of boarding schools. This article discusses everything from college-prep boarding schools to military boarding schools, Christian boarding schools, and other types of specialty boarding schools. Additional information about boarding school costs is also included.

Finding The Right Treatment Program

Finding the right treatment program is not always easy. Most treatment programs specialize in one or more forms of treatment from addiction to suicide. Finding the right treatment program for teens can determine how well the treatment works.

The Juvenile Boot Camp Debate

Juvenile boot camp, or teen boot camp, programs are typically short term intense programs. This article on the juvenile boot camp debate addresses the pros and cons of this type of youth program. Keep reading to learn whether a boot camp program is right for your teen.

Youth Program Life

The way life within a troubled youth program is portrayed, and the reality of life within a youth program can often be very different. This article addresses what to expect out of a youth program, as far as education, activities, behavior modification programs, and more.

Christian Boarding Schools

Obviously Christian boarding schools have some basis of Christianity. However, Christian boarding schools are not all the same. Some boarding schools are defined by their denomination, or as non-denominational, while others vary in other ways. Keep reading to learn what to look for in a Christian boarding school.

Boarding Schools For Girls

Coeducational boarding schools are not always desired, sometimes parents prefer to send their teen to a single sex school. Yet not all single gender boarding schools are the same. Read this article to learn of the different types of private boarding schools, and which boarding school would best suit your needs.

Boarding School For Boys

Not all boarding schools are created equal. Some boarding schools choose to educate based on a single sex, or single gender. An all-boys boarding school may still have great variations. Read this article to learn what to look for in a boarding school for boys.