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Set Rules in Your House with Parent Teen/Child Contracts

Have you ever heard your kid say, “How come I’m grounded? I didn’t know I couldn’t…”? Have you grounded your kid to hear them say “Two Weeks?!?! You never said I would be grounded for TWO WEEKS!” Wouldn’t it be nice to just have it all in writing? But who wants to spend all that time trying to figure out what you should write, what is acceptable, what should the consequences be?

Well, we recommend a site that has just that. has Parent-Teen Contracts that we feel cover all the basics. Family Values Worksheet and Parent Contracts cover: Dating, Driving, Drugs, Alcohol, Smoking, Dress, School, Privileges, Chores, and more. There are nine complete contracts and a Family Values worksheet to help establish and make known your family’s values. There is even a sample of consequences given in categories.

The parent child contracts are really easy to use, you decide what category the consequence is, put it in the appropriate place, sign and date and voila, you have child behavior contracts between you and your kid. There are a couple of places that have bulleted lists to fill out, one is the dress code. The other is in the dating contract. This allows you to be specific in what is allowed and not allowed.

The parent teen contracts help eliminate any gray areas. Everyone knows the rules; everyone knows the consequences. How nice would it be to not have those brain numbing disagreements that solve nothing but raise your blood pressure to near fatal degrees? Can you imagine the peace you could have with the structure created by having the contracts in place?

The child behavior contracts cost $19.95 for the whole package. We recommend that you visit to learn more about the parent teen/child contracts. Make life easier on yourself.

Includes: Teen Dating Contract, Teen Driving Contract, Child Behavior Contracts, Chores Chart, Drug and Alcohol Use worksheet, and more!

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F.A.M.I.L.Y. Rules / Positive Parenting with a Plan was developed by Dr. Matthew Johnson, a licensed psychologist in Oregon.

Dr. Johnson’s book has some excellent tools for parenting teens and developing family rules in your household. We will feature more from his book soon, but here is some quick ideas to get you on your way.

The Seven Cardinal Sins of Teen Parenting :

1. Talking Too Much (nagging, lecturing, etc)
2. Tirades and Temper Tantrums
3. Tears (sadness and guilt trips)
4. Terror (threats of violence)
5. Inconsistency (within and between parents)
6. Disagreeing About Discipline in front of Children
7. Treating your Children like they are Slaves (lack of reciprocity)

Some sample family rules (very abbreviated) :

Treat people and animals with respect
“No!” means “No!” Don’t ask again
You must receive parental permission before you go anywhere at anytime
No swearing or talking about inappropriate subject matter
Be on time
Setting curfews (more flexible on weekends)
Complete all daily and weekly chores on time

Family Rules is an excellent resource for parenting teens for under $30.00. Well worth it!!!