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Category Archives: Troubled Teen Issues

Find articles on teen statistics, school problems, anger issues, truancy, gambling, peer pressure, and more.

Teen Vandalism

Teen vandalism is a crime. When a teen purposefully destroys the property of another individual there are going to be consequences. Teens need to understand that teen vandalism is not acceptable and may have serious consequences, even if the vandalism was meant to be a funny teen prank.

Teen Truancy

Understanding teen truancy can be difficult because laws regarding compulsory education are different in individual states. In general, a teen that is not in school during regular school hours but is at an age where his/her state requires school attendance is considered truant. Teen truancy can negatively impact educational opportunities.

Teen Gambling

Teen gambling may seem like a non-issue because teens can’t be in a casino without proper ID. But habits and a tendency towards gambling can start much earlier. Whether it is a private poker game with friends, a bet within a campus sorority, or some form of online gambling – teen gambling is a real teen issue.

Gang Statistics

Gang statistics rise and fall over the years but larger densely populated areas consistently have more gang activity than smaller rural areas. This article covers some of the likely signs of gang involvement and types of problems often found in association with gang activity.

Teen Violence

Teen violence is seen in many different varieties from serious crimes to playful banter. Understanding teen violence will help prevent these issues in your family, neighborhood, schools, and communities. Learn the risk factors for teen violence and then be proactive in helping at risk teens to prevent teenage violence.

Behavior Problems

Behavior problems range from mental or physical disorders that affect a person’s behavior to teenagers simply acting out. Understanding what is causing a teens behavior problem can help parents figure out the best way to address the issue and determine if professional help is needed.

Teen Pregnancy

Teen pregnancy has been on a slow, steady decline over the past few years but there are still a significant number of teen pregnancies every year. Learn more about teenage pregnancy statistics and facts as well as the consequences of teen pregnancy. Knowledge is power when it comes to teen pregnancy prevention.