Rebellious Teens

Rebellious and Defiant Teens

One of the most difficult parenting situations that come up around the world is that of rebellious and defiant teens. It is true that most teenagers rebel to some degree. They are testing their limits, and learning to be individuals. It is only natural to rebel a little bit in order to develop a sense of self. However, asserting individuality and testing the boundaries is a different proposition from outright rebellion and defiance.

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Struggling Teens

Struggling Teens

The teen years are rife with difficulty. If you think back, it is likely that you will remember your own teen years as times that included painful scenes and a certain level of unhappiness. This is quite natural. Teenagers are dealing with rapidly developing bodies. Growth and development of the kind not seen since the earliest years of childhood are taking place. Even the brain is still developing at rapid rate.

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Sibling Rivalry

Sibling rivalry is very common in families with more than one child, and it’s part of growing up for most kids, but it can be destructive to families and individuals. Parents can’t stop all sibling rivalry, but they can help make it a learning experience rather than a traumatic one.

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Single Parenting

Parenting is a hard job, and single parents face extra challenges. Though every family’s situation is unique, there are some tips that single parents can try to overcome some of their challenges.

Some single parent statistics show the prevalence and challenges of single parenting in America:

Slightly more than 1 in 4 children in America is being raised by a single parent.
About 40% of children born in 2007 were born to unmarried mothers.
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Parenting Teens

F.A.M.I.L.Y. Rules / Positive Parenting with a Plan was developed by Dr. Matthew Johnson, a licensed psychologist in Oregon.

Dr. Johnson’s book has some excellent tools for parenting teens and developing family rules in your household. We will feature more from his book soon, but here is some quick ideas to get you on your way.

The Seven Cardinal Sins of Teen Parenting :

1. Talking Too Much (nagging, lecturing, etc)
2. Tirades and Temper Tantrums
3. Tears (sadness and guilt trips)
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At Risk Youth

Welcome to our site! is designed for parents and teens to gather information about at risk youth and teen issues. We have created pages with statistics and resources from many different sources.

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Adolescent Development

An Uncharted Path

As much as we know about adolescent development based on research and studies, it is impossible to explain to a pre-teen what the experience will be like. Who can understand before it’s happened what it will mean to adjust to the hormonal changes of adolescence, feel comfortable driving a car, go to college, or fall in love with somebody?

An Emotional Roller Coaster

The emotional experience of adolescence may take a pre-teen with a well-established identity and turn him […] Continue Reading…