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Category Archives: Parenting Articles

Parenting help and tips regarding teen issues such as addiction, defiance, violence, learning and social disorders and more.

Parenting Teens

Learn the seven cardinal sins of teen parenting, as developed by Dr. Matthew Johnson. This article also addresses positive parenting and how to set some family rules that can help resolve issues with defiant teenagers.

STD Statistics

Teen STD statistics can be shocking! Teens need to know teen pregnancy is not the only reason to use condoms. Sexually transmitted diseases can be spread in many ways. Keep reading to learn why teen STD statistics are so high, and misconceptions about STD’s, and more.

Teen Sex Statistics

Teen sex statistics show at least 75% of teens have had intercourse. The teen sex stats also affect the teen STD statistics, teen pregnancy stats, and more. Learn more about sex statistics in this article.

Sexually Active Teens

Think your teen may be sexually active, or considering being sexually active? This article contains a number of teen sex statistics, STD facts, and condom use stats, as well as other issues involving teen sexually activity.

School Bullying Statistics

School bullying affects children and teens everywhere. Teen bullying can be especially critical as other teen issues are already a big concern and teen bullying just makes these issues worse. Understanding teenage bullying can help everyone work together to stop bullying, especially school bullying.

Eating Disorders

Eating disorders affect people of all ages but it is estimated that 90% of those with eating disorders are teens. The earlier a teen eating disorder is diagnosed and treated the better recovery is. Learn the warning signs of teenage eating disorders and watch for these signs in your teens. Don’t let your concerns go, seek help where needed.

Learning Disability

A learning disability can be a hard thing for teens to deal with. Teens are especially susceptible to bullying and peer pressure so anything that makes them feel weird or not normal can be hard to handle. Learn the signs of teenage learning disabilities and helpful solutions that can ease your teens stress and worries.